Cybright IR LED Technology Co.,Ltd,found in 2009,has been committed to providing leading and high quality infrared application solutions for our clients.
   Our main products are Infrared power devices, transmitter and receiver, fill light module, laser and so on.Ten year’s accumulation,we have a complete products catalog.We combine efficient professional manufacturing technology with all kinds of scientific testing to producing excellent, reliable infrared products.
   Closing cooperation with the upstream and downstream industries,like,we cooperate with chip manufacturers to develop a variety of new products and continue to increase R & D investment every year.Cybright adheres to customer-oriented, constantly uses new technologies to promote cost-effective products and provides a complete solution for customers’ different applications. Our company pursuing an excellent enterprise management system, has passed ISO: 9001 quality management system certification and ISO: 14001 environmental management system certification.
   We uphold innovation, look to the future determining to become the leader of the global infrared applications.

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